modelling for a lookbook in the middle of nowhere

reuniting with mona after two months away from tokyo

trying candy at a cute store in harajuku

exploring kamakura

meeting friends after a busy schedule for weeks

spontaneous shot of myself commuting to places

checking out new stock from american apparel and doing selfies

getting my hair treated before heading to alexander wang x hm event

GILT in Japan - looking at all the vintage designer items. this being my favourite.

modelling for a brand nearby mount fuji

exploring yokohama with julia

taken from my personal diary. 
"Finished editing the 'japan diaries' video log, and looking back on the two weeks I'm so glad I'm documenting my life in photos and now in videos everyday. It's a reminder to myself that not giving up on me was the best decision I ever made; a reminder that believing in my own capability of being able to view things, life and the surroundings around me in another perspective is best way to live. With making big life decisions comes big responsibilities: the stress, the tears, the anxiety and misunderstandings with language barrier can leave you feeling lost. At times even questioning yourself if it was the right thing to do. In the end you look back on memories and things you hadn't noticed before you start to notice, and you realise it's worth it. You meet people, you break up, you make up, you fall in love over and over again, but I've concluded that, this alone is life, and you're always going to fall, but only you can pick yourself up again and when you do make sure you stand tall. Each individual you come across has had their meaning, each decision you made has had its reason, each door that has closed upon you only means that there's something elsewhere waiting for you. Behind the cameras or what I choose to upload, it may seem like a glam lifestyle, but only family and close friends knew how much it took to achieve not just my career or lifestyle, but myself as a person."



Photos by Hyougo Mitsuoka

I walked around the roads near my town one night. My headphones had broken so I had no choice but to listen to my surroundings. It was reaching almost midnight but the main roads were still buzzing with moving vehicles and people making their way home. It was at the point that all my senses worked all together at once. The air had a different smell to it, the leaves are starting to change into bright reds and orange and with that comes the smell of autumn. It's no longer humid at night, now the skies become cloudier in the day and misty during the night. the temperature has dropped a lot and I find myself bringing out the jumpers and sweaters. Cold weather brings perfect food for the cold days: nabe, shabu shabu, oden, amongst other things I have yet to discover.   

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Yes, I said pancakes. And boy do I regret having discovered this place because I know I'm going to go here often. I searched this place online, and it was the cutest. It has a homely atmosphere as if I was stepping into my own house waiting for my mother to make me some pancakes. I ordered the omelette pancakes which comes with about three large sized fluffy pancakes, omelette, ham and salad. When me and my friend asked for the bill it came with a cute little pancake peg!

(Also, I want to forgive for my inactiveness on the blog. It takes time to blog, write, and I haven't had the chance to sit down and be able to do that. Thankfully, I've been working alot!)
I'm also bringing back the video logs, will keep it weekly every Sunday for as long as I can! (scroll down to watch it)





did you wake up today feeling happy ?
after a casting, i walked around yurakucho and i discovered this 'tokyo arts...something?'
i really don't know what it was, nobody was there, nothing was explaining. i checked out the books on the desk and even was going to make myself a little cup of coffee from the welcome desk but opted not to because, i had no clue where i was and no soul was around inside.

sorry for being hiatus on the blog lately, i miss writing, and i miss taking photos for the blog but time has become too precious. i haven't disappeared though don't you worry. i still try to update my instagram every day at least, so if don't already do, please follow and check it out!



laura12 (1 - 1)
laura15 (1 - 1)
laura06 (1 - 1)
laura09 (1 - 1)

Photographer: Arisa Sakai, Makeup: Hasegawa Hiroki, Hair: Sumiyo

recently i've maybe been overworking myself that finally it's caught me and i became sick. yet there's nothing more satisfying then seeing completed works. these images were actually tests with this team and i really enjoyed working with them. it's been almost a month since i've updated this blog, there's so much i want to share but time is limited lately. today i finally have time, so i'll write up as much as i can - whilst recovering from a bad cold. 




recently i've been having the worse insomnia. today was a struggle to wake up from the little sleep i managed to get. so ignore the tired makeupless face because that's the least of my worries. i've been eating iced candy pops a lot to keep me cool because the heat is just too much. i've taken so many photos on my film camera, just waiting to gather enough and go develop them in the dark room - will be so nice to be in the dark room after a long time. recently i've been listening a lot to trip hop music and its kept my head together.