recently i've been having the worse insomnia. today was a struggle to wake up from the little sleep i managed to get. so ignore the tired makeupless face because that's the least of my worries. i've been eating iced candy pops a lot to keep me cool because the heat is just too much. i've taken so many photos on my film camera, just waiting to gather enough and go develop them in the dark room - will be so nice to be in the dark room after a long time. recently i've been listening a lot to trip hop music and its kept my head together.



photos taken by my girl - maya kibbel


That's all I have to say for this post. The awesome jacket though is from MISBHV which they have cool cool clothes.



all clothing from missguided

summer has reached it's peak here in tokyo (i hope so otherwise i will die), and it was great to pick out these light weight monochrome palm print runner shorts and to pair it with a lightweight flowy top and open sandals. i explored nakameguro on this day which is become one of my favourite locations to walk around. there's so many amazing shops and cafes - and i happened to go into a french patisserie cafe (long time no see) called Le Cordon Bleu and had a hard time choosing which pastry i wanted to eat, but ended up having an almond croissant with an iced coffee...i was so happy.

here's my current weekend playlist from this artist



(Watch - Classic York, Daniel Wellington; Top - American Apparel; Flare jeans - H&M; Shoes - OZ Shoes; Bag - TKmaxx)

Recently the word 'time' has been used a lot in my vocabulary and thoughts. Things like the right timing for something to have happened, the time of thinking of no longer being a student and now working a full time job. Time, as in 'only time can tell what will happen' - in various meanings. Time, as being patient when something isn't going right or if you're living a struggle. But it's also something precious, that you have to balance out situations and see what's worth the time and the wait.
Now onto the photos, I was asked to by Daniel Wellington to collaborate with them by styling their watch with my outfit. I chose the 'Classic York' - men's size in rose gold. What I love about their watches isn't just the minimal and sleek design, but that you don't have to buy multiple watches if you're just wanting a different strap. All the watches come packed inside a little tool that you can pop out the current strap and replace it to another one that you want. I though this was really clever, so that's why I styled two outfits to show you. All the photos were taken by the lovely Lisa from Paint with Stars.

(Watch - Classic York, Daniel Wellington; Top - bershka; Trousers - fig & viper; Shoes - OZ Shoes; Bag - TKmaxx)




...was indeed a great burger. that even after the second day, i still feel it in my stomach.
here i ordered a 'apple gorgonzola burger' which i know may sound strange to you, especially if you're in the uk. i certainly never heard of anything like this before so i went with my friend's recommendation, and i'm glad i did because it was AMAZING. sweet but salty, and although my stomach was bursting, i couldn't get enough of it. i really did eat all of it. and if anyone is in japan (or tokyo, if you want to try this restaurant), the burgers here are on another level!




when you think going to the beach on a really hot day is a good idea, let me tell you - it's not.
no matter how many times you plaster suncream all over your body, going into the water and staying there for hours and hours, although really fun, it not such a good idea. in particular if you have sensitive skin (me). nonetheless, it was my first time outside of tokyo (since i've arrived) and at a japanese beach - so it was really refreshing. but now, one suffers the consequences of having too much fun! today it most likely reached 34 degrees celsius, which was insane. luckily aircon was invented, but i try to avoid using it too often because my skin hates it. now back to rubbing aloe cream on my sore sunburns.

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