Hello! I want to introduce to you a series me and my boyfriend will be working, it's called 'explore' and we do exactly as it says. We will introduce to you places we go to visit and such, through our eyes. Of course we are based in Tokyo at the moment, and in between work and meetings we will capture as much as we can so there's enough content weekly for you to watch :) these series will be up every Tuesday at 4pm (Japan Time +09:00)

Alongside the 'Japan Diaries', this is more of a video log style, showcasing parts of our everyday life. These will be uploaded every Sunday also at 4pm (Japan Time +09:00)

So that's two videos a week, along that I will have a video up on thursdays or fridays still deciding, which will feature either: fashion, beauty, questions, random or collaborations.

So that's three videos that shooting wise take about a couple hours, and then roughly 6 hours editing (don't forget that this is a side thing from my modelling/fashion work! so i will be as good as a can with uploading.)

Hope you're having a lovely week, and that you enjoyed the video :)




This morning I woke up and checked instagram, how 2015 of me. I came across one of the girls I admired growing up, she is roughly the same age as me, and I loved hearing her stories, her journeys. At moments, I even envied how she had experienced life so fully, and that's when I had told myself I wanted to document and feel everything too. Which resulted in the 'birth' of this blog at the age of 14. Many old old posts have been deleted, I hated coming back here and re-reading my spilled teenage heart on life and love which I had yet no clue about the world (and still am learning today). But yes, the one thing that hit me and struck me very hard this morning was, 'I don't write anymore'. And, at that moment I felt that all the years and the experiences I had felt and were not noted, just seem like they never happened. Although I am documenting my life now through images and moving images, my new readers have no clue of who I am inside, and some are so ready to jump to hate that it almost makes me so sad to picture this human being with so much anger inside. Why?

I feel as the years went by, I started to fall out of love with life, and constantly being let down by those around me that my writer spirit became a dull little light.

Why don't I write anymore?

Shall I use the excuse of time? Growing up, completely university, my first year as a real adult in the world, being on the total opposite of the globe without my family/friends that I grew up with in a completely new environment, new culture, new language. Thankfully though, as much as sometimes I hated this as a child: I'm sorry, mum and dad; but I feel blessed for you to have made me explore the world by constantly moving countries and adapting to places and most importantly for making me believe in myself and to not let people tell me I'm not worth it.

That's all for now.
L x



Sounds like a crazy week, but I'm disappoint and say it's a little more less than that. I could explain a lot more, but it's better to watch the video and see what happened ! :)




Photo by Kodai
Makeup by Fabio Jhun

I did this photoshoot last month and it's taken a while to upload but here are the photos. I forgot the stylist's name, I feel terrible, but she did a great job :)



img_182 copy
img_207 copy
img_204 copy

Here's two outfits I put together that Ive been wearing during this winter. Below you can check the video format with the outfit details.

Hope you enjoy :)



(Coat - MURUA; Top - H&M; Jeans - Levi's; Shoes - JUMP Shoes)

Recently through my tumblr scrolls, I came across this quote

"People are so scared to lose that they don't even try."

Apparently quoted by Kanye West, but it got me thinking about when I first decided to be fearless and just try to get my dream. And I'm still looking for the next...

Recentemente quando estava usando o tumblr, passei por esta mensagem:

"As pessoas tem tanto medo de perder que eles nem tentao."

Aparentemente foi dito pelo o Kayne West, mas depois fiquei pensando realmente quando eu tomei a decisao de nao ter medo e seguir meus sonhos, as coisas aconteceram. E ainda estou indo atras do proximo...